All residents of our community are co-owners of the common areas and amenities in a Homeowners Association. A board of directors is a requirement for a homeowners association to function properly. These elected volunteer officials are responsible for all operations of the association and ensuring the community governing documents are followed and enforced. Without a capable board, a community’s quality can quickly decline. The bylaws of an association give all the information regarding a board of directors. Election procedures, the number of members, officer positions, and terms will all vary from association to association. 

The board is elected from and by the homeowners of the community at the annual meeting. The bylaws will list how the election should be conducted: if it is held by ballot or proxy or both, if a nominations committee is required, and how many homeowners must vote to reach quorum.

Our Current 2021 HOA Board is:

Andrea Mizell - President

Aziza Payne - Treasurer

Corinn Mercer - Secretary

Sara Nerenbaum - Vice President

​Sarah Gonnella - Member at Large

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phone: 770.554.1236

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Belfaire Homeowners Association (HOA)
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