1416 Belfaire Trace
Dacula, GA  30019 
Belfaire Homeowners Association (HOA)

Note: All committees have complete oversight by the Belfaire HOA board.  

Objective: Enhance safety awareness in the community. Take a leadership role in working with local law enforcement and organizing a crime-prevention network of block captains for every street in the neighborhood so that residents may watch out for one another. Investigate the latest ideas and trends in both property crimes and crimes against persons and how to prevent those types of crimes in the community, and communicating this information to the community.

•    Work with the local police department to establish a crime watch or similar program
•    Establish block captains
•    Communicate other safety needs / precautions / recommendations to the neighborhood via the newsletter, website, or            other board approved medium
•    As needed-work with the city to implement traffic improvements such as stop sign, speed-limit enforcement, reduction,           and/or signs; crosswalks, school zones, etc.
•    Coordinate attendance of Police Department representative for annual meeting to discuss and educate homeowners               about Crime Watch
•    Coordinate with Social Committee to have safety related activities at Social Events, such as having a fire truck or                      fingerprinting at a block party
•   Submit a newsletter article each quarter to the Communication Committee


​​​ Chaired by: Carlos & Karen Peralt

 Members: Eugene Lee-Foon, Jose and Marie Maties

 Director, Strategic Consulting: Jack Schwartzott

 Board Representative: Clay Mantovani


​ Chaired by: TBD

 Members: KaWanda Carter-Walters, Laurie Rosenbaum Welborn

 Board Representative: Clay Mantovani

​​​​ Chaired by: 
Megan Nagel
 Members: Brad Hobbs

 Director, Strategic Consulting: Jack Schwartzott
 Board Representative: Phillip Fisher

Objective: The goal of this committee is to foster a cohesive community, by organizing fun, interesting events for the entire community so neighbors can meet and socialize each other.

•    Brainstorm ideas for association social events & plan events for the year in advance
•    Create welcome baskets to make new homeowners feel welcomed
•    Create an annual budget with an estimated cost for each actual event
•    For each event, create an itemized budget to be approved by the Board of Directors before any spending takes

•    Ensure all activities which HOA funds go towards, should be all inclusive of the community members.

     Examples: garage/yard sales, pot-lucks, back-to-school party, and ice cream socials

Committee Descriptions​

Objective: Work with the Board to keep the community clean and attractive 

•    Notify the board of any maintenance needs such as irrigation zones that are stuck on, or other emergency type                repairs that require immediate attention after hours
•    Make recommendations to the board for seasonal flower changes
•    Implement a “yard-of-the-month” contest, seasonal holiday decorations and contests
•    Submit a newsletter article each quarter to the Communication Committee
•    Report activities to and work at the direction of the Board of Directors

Objective: To keep our community informed about important community events, as well as city, state, and county items of interest to homeowners.

•    Maintain frequent contact with other committees to report current events
•    Coordinate receiving reports from other committees
•    Generate a newsletter or coordinate submission of articles on a regular basis to be established by the Board or                    committee based on “news-worthiness” and cost restraints. The final copy of the newsletter must be approved by the          Board of Directors.
•    Update on community information related directly to the neighborhood (road closings, construction, school dates, etc.)
•    Update on pertinent information in the city (elections, changes in trash days, etc)

  Chaired by: 
Sarah Gonnella
CJ Dowling
  Board Representative:
Phillip Fisher

​​  Chaired by:
Wendy Palmer
Heather Derkach, Sarah Gonnella, 

  Amanda McClain, Heidi McKinstray, Kayla Peters,
  Genise Walker, Laurie Rosenbaum Welborn

  Board Representative: Glenn Burrows

  Chaired by: 
  Board Representative:
Glenn Burrows

Objective:  To promote a clean, safe, functional environment by working with Belfaire /Lakeview Residents to communicate about what is happening at the pool/amenities, while ensuring that only residents are using the pool in a manner that is safe and which allows all residents to enjoy the pool.

•    Assist with vandalism prevention
•    Pool and Tennis court hours and season
•    Pool and Tennis court rules
•    Make recommendations on repairs, maintenance, and capital improvements
•    Monitor for non-residents use

•    Perform a study on lake use: 

  1. Fishing use
  2. Creation of a Walking trail
  3. Viability and status

•    Create an annual budget with an estimated cost
•    Submit a newsletter article each quarter to the Communication Committee

Objective: The goal of the Architectural Review Committee is to maintain, preserve, enhance and protect the property values and assets of the Community while promoting a harmonious Community living, preserve the common scheme and design of the Community.  It is the intent of the ARC to use the Community’s values and vision in making its decisions.  This mission is carried out with respect and caring for the individuals and the Community which it serves.

•    To reduce unsightly views by review ARC request
•    To increase design compatibility between abutting properties
•    To ensure that new development will contribute to the overall attractiveness of the community
•    Submit a newsletter article each quarter to the Communication Committee.